Iron Supplement

Iron Rich Food

Food high in iron is essential for a healthy functioning human body. It is vitally important in terms of oxygenation of the blood, the storing of oxygen and energy in the muscles, metabolising fatty acids and assisting in the production of collagen and elastin.

A lack of iron therefore has significant consequences in terms of any individual’s health and energy levels, but is perhaps more significant for women. Iron is an important factor in the neurological development of unborn babies as they develop in the uterus. Also, a woman’s iron level can drop below recommended levels during menstruation.

A deficiency of iron, either through a diet lacking iron rich food or other causes, can result in various other health issues. Conditions such as anaemia can result in fatigue, physical weakness and difficulty in concentrating; as the transport of oxygen can be affected in a person with low iron levels. An iron supplement may help in this case.

Iron Supplement

Eating food high in iron is the best solution to iron deficiency, but an iron supplement may also help someone to meet their recommended daily iron amount. As with any other type of vitamin or mineral pill, iron supplement must be used in the correct dosage to properly help and to avoid health problems as a result of over consumption.

In the case of a young child, a handful of iron pills can be toxic enough to cause serious medical harm, and in extreme cases even death.

If you do require an iron supplement you may also wish to consider cost and side effects. Vitamin and mineral supplements can be quite costly over the long term. In terms of side effects of iron, the most common are constipation and stomach upsets.

Food High in Iron

The following is a sample list of types of food high in iron:

  • meats
  • liver
  • lobster
  • beans
  • dried fruits
  • pilchards
  • mussels

Disclaimer: The risk of iron overdose in young children cannot be emphasised enough. Please ensure to keep all medication and supplements out of reach of children, preferably in a locked cabinet. You should consult you doctor or a health professional if you wish to embark on a diet high in iron rich food, or want to take an iron supplement or if you are unsure about types of food high in iron.