Importance of Water

This article discusses the importance of water intake to ensure optimum health.

The Importance of Water

There are two essentials to life. The first essential is oxygen. The next essential is water.

Water is a key element when it comes to the overall health of an individual. Nearly the entire human body is composed of water. It is important for those that are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to know and understand the importance of water. In order for our body to run at its maximum capacity and for the components of our body to function appropriately, water is vital. Here, you will learn just how important proper hydration is.

How Important is Water on Our Physiology?

Let’s take a look at a few facts and figures about water and the functioning of our physiology:

Water is a key component when it comes to the proper regulation of our body temperature. If our temperature gets too low or too high it may be difficult to for the body to fight off infections, protect itself, and we may even die!

Nearly the entire composition of blood is water. As a matter of fact, water makes up nearly 90% of the blood that is used to transport oxygen, and important nutrients to various places in the body. This includes important organs, such as the heart, the kidneys, lungs, and more.

Water is a key element in the process of removing waste from the body. If waste is not properly removed from the body, then toxins can build up inside of our body and result in death.

Water is extremely important when it comes to the energy levels in the body. This ingredient actually helps to ensure that when we consume food it is properly converted into energy. Not only does this raise our energy levels, but it also increases our metabolism. A high metabolism allows us to lose weight and keep it off!

Water helps to ensure that the muscles form properly in the body. As a matter of fact, the muscles are composed of at least two thirds water! Furthermore, the bones contain a high percentage of water as well!

As you can see, water is very important to our bodies. Without it, there are many different complications that may arise. Dehydration can occur when an individual does not get enough water. There are many signs and symptoms associated with a lack of water, they are:

  • Being thirsty on a consistent basis
  • Not being able to eat appropriately
  • The skin may become dry and/or appear flushed
  • The urine may be a dark color
  • It is common to become lethargic
  • The heart rate may become high
  • The body temperature may be high
  • Muscle cramps may become common
  • Headaches and other types of pain may be experienced
  • The vision may be affected
  • It may become hard to breath properly
  • Seizures may occur
  • Unconsciousness may occur

By ensuring that the proper amount of water is consumed each and every single day, you are ensuring your health. It is appropriate to drink approximately two to two and a half quarts of water on a daily basis. Consuming less than this can result in many different types of health conditions, including the fact that the body cannot properly maintain itself. We should never underestimate the importance of water in our daily lives.