Home Exercise

If you are living to a budget or simply don’t have the time to get to the gym then home exercise may be the option for you. There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing to workout from home. Some advantages include not having to pay some ridiculous monthly payment, the conveyance of being able to work out when you want and not having to wait for the use of equipment. The main disadvantage for some people could be a lack of motivation, if you feel the need to be around others to motivate yourself then a gym may be ideal for you, its also a great place to meet other like minded individuals.

Home Exercise Program

To set up your own home exercise program can be as costly or cheap as you choose. The two types of training you will want to build into your program are cardiovascular training and strength training.

For a cardiovascular workout at home you may want to invest in some cardiovascular (CV) equipment such as elliptical trainers or rowing machines. You can also achieve the same results with very little or no costs for example skipping rope like boxers do can be a great cardiovascular workout or even running on the spot. A great CV routine will help towards weight loss if that’s a goal you have for yourself. Remember to consult your doctor before following a new exercise or diet routine to ensure you follow a safe weight loss program.

Home Exercise Routine

In your home exercise routine you may decide to do some strength training. To achieve this you could buy an all in one home gym machine or opt for some free weights for example barbell and dumbbell sets. For the more advanced strength gainers you can invest in a combined squat and bench press rack. You get what you pay for with equipment to be honest. If you use weights infrequently I would not suggest spending too much money but if you want some serious equipment then invest some money to get some proper kit. Again you can achieve great strength through the use of your own bodyweight in what is know as bodyweight workouts. These types of exercises are carried out by martial artists and other athletes such as gymnasts. Example of these exercises would be Hindu squats, press ups and chin ups.

Don’t be taken in by the latest fads or gimmicks shown on the television adverts. The best solution would be to get your routine sorted then have a plan and some goals to achieve and stick to it for at least 8-12 weeks and you will start seeing some results.

Home Exercise Summary

To follow a home exercise plan the only person who can motivate you is your-self. As I said get a plan together and stick to it. One of the most important factors in determining the results you achieve is the diet you follow. Ensure your diet is clean of sweets and fast food etc. and that you follow a healthy balanced diet.