Low Carb Diet Food

Nowadays you can find dozens of low carb diet food products in stores across the country. Many believe that a no carb diet will bring about weight loss but there is very little scientific evidence to support this belief. The fact is that people following a low carb regimen (particularly those nibbling away on low carb snacks) gain weight eating low carb diet food.

No Carb Diet

The low or no carb diet has been very successfully deployed by marketers wishing to sell products to (literally) consumers eagerly seeking a quick solution to weight control. This consumption could be dangerous as not only is there scant medical evidence to support the claims that low carb diet food aids weight control, but there is a growing concern, as with a high fiber diet, that the effects of a no carb diet and low carb diet food will have on an individual’s health over time.

Low Carb Snacks

The most important factor in a weight loss plan is the ratio between what is consumed and what is used, even in the case of a regimen high in low carb diet food. This means that you need to use more calories than you are consuming. So regardless of whether you are on a no carb diet eating low carb diet food, your body will convert excess calories into fat. Hmm. those low carb snacks may actually help to put weight on!

Low Carb Diet Food

Many low carb snacks and food contain sugar alcohols (such as sorbitol) in place of sugar. Sugar alcohols are absorbed more slowly by the digestive system than sugar. Sugar alcohols can also cause stomach upsets and gas: low carb diet food has some unpleasant side effects.

It is likely that a no carb diet will not help you lose weight. Many have stated that by cutting down on carbs they have lost weight, but this is more likely to be as a direct result of eating smaller portions: therefore reducing calorie intake. Replacing nutritious carb food with low carb diet food is certainly not the answer.

There are some diets that condemn snacking on foods such as popcorn, apples and carrots, but surely these make more sense that snacking on low carb snacks.

To many people who have successfully lost weight (and kept it off), a no carb diet is not the answer. Low carb diet food and low carb snacks are also false friends. The proven way to lose weight is through regular exercise and sensible healthy eating.

Disclaimer: Anyone wishing to embark on a no carb diet or a planning to include a high amount of low carb diet food into their daily consumption should speak with a health professional or doctor beforehand. Losing weight can have enormous health benefits assuming that weight loss is necessary. Please ensure that your low carb diet food weight loss plan will not damage your health.